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Website: Zlata.de
Number of photos: 11651pcs
Resolution: 500719-14242128
Format: jpg
Genre: fetish, zentai, latex, shiny, flexible
Number of sets: 134

The snake and flexible body of the 176 cm tall artist seems to be unique worldwide. Only Zlata can celebrate both extreme front and backbend positions and the incredible 270-degree balancing act. To prepare for this, she only needs her half-step warm-up, and again and again she gives the same answer to the questions “No, that doesn’t hurt me!” TV stations all over the world are enthusiastic about Zlata’s incredible flexibility and the international audience is watching her with fascination for the breathtaking pieces of art

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Zlatafoto.part04.rar150.0  MB
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Zlatafoto.part06.rar150.0  MB
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Zlatafoto.part08.rar150.0  MB
Zlatafoto.part09.rar150.0  MB
Zlatafoto.part10.rar150.0  MB
Zlatafoto.part11.rar150.0  MB
Zlatafoto.part12.rar150.0  MB
Zlatafoto.part13.rar150.0  MB
Zlatafoto.part14.rar150.0  MB
Zlatafoto.part15.rar112.0  MB

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