bluebreeze019_l.jpg dressedtotease018_l.jpg dressedtotease070_l.jpg greencoat011_l.jpg greencoat125_l.jpg iceass017_l.jpg iceass070_l.jpg legshow014_l.jpg legshow076_l.jpg lilaclouisa062_l.jpg liquidlava011_l.jpg liquidlava053_l.jpg loungegown017_l.jpg mayblossom019_l.jpg paleseduction015_l.jpg paleseduction056_l.jpg pinkprint075_l.jpg santascherry024_l.jpg silkteddy011_l.jpg springbluebell064_l.jpg

Genre: All made of satin and silk, Panties, slips, T-shirts, Pantaloons and dresses, Blouses, skirts, dresses with frills, Shorts and suits, Stockings, Underwear, Erotica, Without nudity
Date of publication on the website: 2012-10-20

Number of sets : 501

Description: A home for lovers, fetishists and connoisseurs of silk and satin underwear. We specialize in all delicacies, satin and silk. I wear all your favorite underwear, including panties, slips, blouse, knickers and dresses. Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about the satin clothes: blouses, skirts, dresses with frills, shorts and suits — all this is included in the set.

About Van:
Hi guys and girls, as you know, my name is Vana. I am 31 years old and I live in the north-west of England. My height is 5 feet 4 inches, and my weight is about 8-8.5 stone (~112-120 pounds). My vital signs are 35-26, 5-35. I have been actively working on the Internet since 1996 and publish on various websites. In January 2001, we created Vanaweb.com in my personal account after numerous requests to submit a large gallery of my photos showing my wonderful collection of slippery. I just love shiny, luxurious lingerie, and I like to show you all my silky charms online, and I like to get feedback from you about what you like about silk and satin.

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