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Website: sinteque.com
Number of photos: 16090 photos
Image: from 323×750 to 1200×811

Art, Ballet boots & heels, Corsets, Fetish, Femdom, Freak, Glamour, High heels, Kinky, Latex, Legs, Lesbians, Lingerie, Pantyhose, Pin-up, Rubber, Stockings

Description: When it all started, I can’t say, but since childhood I have been addicted to symbols of female power — high heels, lipstick, mini skirts — in short, everything that turns a girl into a seductive vamp woman.
Until today, I could not resist the charm of fetishistic clothing, rather, I accepted it. I just like to take on different roles — to reincarnate again and again. This is a seduction game!
My absolute favorites among fetishes are latex, corsets and high heels, preferably in this combination! I like an elegant latex dress as much as a very strict mistress style or a cute pin-up with stockings and a brocade corset! It is important that the image is authentic, and I hope to convey this with my photos.
This website gives you a glimpse into my world. Answer me with something by sharing your thoughts in my guestbook.
With love

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