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Number of sets: 299
Genre: Pantyhose, Secretary, Uniform, Foot, Nylon, Russian
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What are your first thoughts about visiting an office that could be proud of a charmingly neatly dressed secretary in soft and sweet sexy tights, right?… Exactly… That’s why our website is here. To visualize your dreams and fantasies that have been tormenting you for years, and can’t find the place they all belong. Cute office girls who pay much more attention to their tights instead of the work they have to do, or under the secretary’s desk casually spreading their legs in pantyhose; sensitively arousing secretaries who look into your eyes and that look forward to telling you they know you like tights… Sexy office girls who love to admire and lick each other’s pantyhose when they are sure that no one sees them; bosses who use them for lunch to have pantyhose sex with their secretaries, and many other fantasies and scenarios involving secretaries and office girls and their pantyhose.

SecretaryPant.part01.rar150.0  MB
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SecretaryPant.part04.rar150.0  MB
SecretaryPant.part05.rar150.0  MB
SecretaryPant.part06.rar150.0  MB
SecretaryPant.part07.rar150.0  MB
SecretaryPant.part08.rar150.0  MB
SecretaryPant.part09.rar150.0  MB
SecretaryPant.part10.rar150.0  MB
SecretaryPant.part11.rar150.0  MB
SecretaryPant.part12.rar150.0  MB
SecretaryPant.part13.rar150.0  MB
SecretaryPant.part14.rar150.0  MB
SecretaryPant.part15.rar150.0  MB
SecretaryPant.part16.rar150.0  MB
SecretaryPant.part17.rar148.6  MB

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