3bbc72cf3098e9ef07f1071a049fde6b.jpg 5bc4332a75f7f249020c778a7a1fe958.jpg 8fc77c6936ed0afb37f708ae46c75b4f.jpg 29e035d75e136781d00d6526287c2774.jpg 50fd082bca7735b02cba11ef297d5586.jpg 98a8959d55682cdc6cc192f9e4946896.jpg 234a7a1c7a47d6d8d5c4ce99206fbd60.jpg 1211c2b4213473e7c353459f94756c74.jpg 57779a9e81ea9e5e2d8aec490e30e605.jpg a0cc8467cdd6af2c500bcf6c2cd275d0.jpg a182b8fd3bb39898503d504fed9f364c.jpg ca10e46eba9c3debf18814fd82008ae5.jpg cec72f7088f3b7dfd68378f6369b5219.jpg d56cdfa96f16296bc585a7bf6c487528.jpg d58ef9f876929783b06396969bd0f2ff.jpg d77ffbd19b8a714797d649ebb07ee186.jpg f6ed5757bb1d582c00d4ad39b584d0b8.jpg

Genre: Fetish, Nylon, Stockings, Pantyhose in Pantyhose, Gloves, Masturbation, Latex, Solo, Lesbian, Toys, Bondage
Number of photos:5502 photos, 46 sets
Size: 1339×2000 — 3000×2532
Studio: SaffysGlamourFetish.com
Description: Well, I’m back, and welcome to my new website. For those of you who don’t know me.. I have been working in the glamour and fetish industry since I was 20 years old. I’ve shot for adult channels, documentaries, magazines, websites and newspapers. After a long break in the industry, I’m back, I can’t wait to try on my new makeup. So what about my fetishes? Well, I love nothing so much as real nylon stockings, durable and fully sewn. I love the retro vintage style mixed with a little naughty fetish. Corsets, belts and high heels are mandatory for me. I also love leather, latex, PVC, domination, sex with depraved girls, tights, boots, role-playing games and much more. In fact, nothing perverted and sexy! So come on in and join my dick, and let’s move on to the real naughty, perverted photos and videos..

SaffysGlamourFetish. Foto.part01.rar500.0  MB
SaffysGlamourFetish. Foto.part02.rar500.0  MB
SaffysGlamourFetish. Foto.part03.rar500.0  MB
SaffysGlamourFetish. Foto.part04.rar500.0  MB
SaffysGlamourFetish. Foto.part05.rar500.0  MB
SaffysGlamourFetish. Foto.part06.rar500.0  MB
SaffysGlamourFetish. Foto.part07.rar500.0  MB
SaffysGlamourFetish. Foto.part08.rar500.0  MB
SaffysGlamourFetish. Foto.part09.rar500.0  MB
SaffysGlamourFetish. Foto.part10.rar372.5  MB

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