Number of photos 6550
Resolution: from 800×600 do700h1053
Age-39 years old
Live -LAS VEGAS, Nevada, USA
Height — 5 ‘6 «
Weight — 120 lbs.
Hair Color — Natural dark red takes over 2 hours to curl.
Breast Size — Enhanced 38D’s.
Shoe Size — 6 1/2.
Favorite Pantyhose — Wolford.
Favorite Stockings — Secrets In Lace.
Favorite Heels — Italian 6 Inch Fuck Me Pumps.

Kryztal_RED.part01.rar150.0  MB
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Kryztal_RED.part03.rar150.0  MB
Kryztal_RED.part04.rar150.0  MB
Kryztal_RED.part05.rar150.0  MB
Kryztal_RED.part06.rar150.0  MB
Kryztal_RED.part07.rar150.0  MB
Kryztal_RED.part08.rar150.0  MB
Kryztal_RED.part09.rar88.9  MB

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