Genre: Nylon, Pantyhose, Straight Women, Oral Sex, Lesbians, Footjob, Chicks Fuck Dick, First Person Sex
Number of photos: 146,602
Resolution: 400×600 — 3744×5616

JB has been specializing in foot and foot fetish videos with an emphasis on nylon stockings for more than 20 years. Whether it’s tights or stockings, most models wear one or the other, and sometimes even both. In fact, our models almost never take off their nylon stockings! If they do, it’s usually to try on another pair! Our videos are a unique mix of teasing and pleasure, although many girls masturbate, you will find that most of them tease a lot at first, as they usually start dressing and undressing down to underwear and hosiery. Some girls are ready to do more than others, which is why we shoot both hardcore and softcore videos and pictures.We do everything from solo banter with a girl to videos for girls and boys. JB himself even starred in a first-person video where girls masturbate his legs and often have sex with them. His time in front of the camera is coming to an end, but he’s still shooting footjob videos. Our 3 main categories are tights, stockings and Foot Fetish. All videos feature either stockings or tights, and we try to keep each category as separate as possible, but many will feature both tights and stockings for variety. The foot fetish content is made mainly using nylon stockings, although some will show barefoot actions. (You can find them by searching or clicking on barefoot tags when they are visible). We try to minimize foot shots in non-foot content, but often you can still find good foot shots, just not lingering ones. Conversely, there are many foot fetish names that will appeal to people who are not engaged in foot fetish, because models also show off their gorgeous bodies and sexy legs in nylon stockings.

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