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January Seraph

Photo quantity: 6458 photo
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My name is January Seraph. I started off as the alter ego of some girl, but now I’m really all there is. I’ve traveled an interesting road, and documented most of it on film or video. From just a slutty girl, to a BDSM bottom and finally a fetishistic Dominatrix.
I’m originally from a small coastal town in Northern California. I spent my early years riding horses and being fairly normal. Something changed in me when I entered my twenties and I started to really explore my limits. In the past few years I have really embraced my love of exhibitionism, alternative sexuality, BDSM and fetish culture. This website is place for me to share that with you.
I first started exploring exhibitionism in strip clubs in San Francisco. I lived and worked there for several years. When I moved to South Florida, delved into the swinger scene there, and even got involved with a selective swinger’s group. While I was in Florida I also started attending Fetish Factory Parties, which is where I was first introduced to fetish. I later moved back to San Francisco where I was tied up for the first time on film. I loved it. The combination of kink and exhibitionism was such a turn on that I was hooked from the moment forth.
Over the next two years I started working for Gwen Media frequently and was fortunate enough to gain the mentorship of Isabella Sinclaire prior to Her retirement. She taught me what it is to be a Professional Dominatrix.
I no longer sub, so this is one of the few places you’ll be able to find photos and videos of me being so vulnerable. You’ll also get to watch me rise to becoming the Dominatrix that I now am.
I love that I can have some or all of my kinky experiences documented so that I (and you) can look back over them whenever the mood strikes. On this site you can share my love of bondage, general BDSM, latex, forced orgasms, and beautiful girls.
With Kink,
January Seraph

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