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Model: Miss Fetilicious
Country: Belgium
Genre: Fetish, Latex, POV, Belgian, Tease, Posing, Uniform, Cosplay, Indoors, Outdoors, Freak, Solo, Masturbation, Slave, Vac Bed, BDSM, Feet, Soles, High Heels, Boots, Big Tits, Ball Hood, Strapon, Dirty Talking, JOI, Femdom, Dominatrix, Doll, Bimbo, Nurse, BTS, Urbex, Hitachi, Pony Tail, Dressing Up, Condoms, Underwater, Xmas, Lesbian, Kissing, Got Milk, Outfit, Animal Impersonation, Medical, Dildo, Catsuit, Ballet, Summer, Snow, Peeing, Pissing, Bizarre, Rubber, Easter, Pool, Spa, Fashion, Hijab, Valentines
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Number of photos: 7519
Number of sets: 140
Resolution: from 512×800 to 7952×5304
Description: Hello

I’m Miss Fetishism. I am a fetish model and makeup artist from Belgium. However, this site is mainly dedicated to my work in latex modeling.

I started modeling when I was 15 years old. At first I only starred in underwear, but after a few years I starred in almost everything, and I wanted to try something new. I bought my first latex clothes online: a black skirt from a cheap brand. Unfortunately, I didn’t know how to take care of it, and it quickly tore.

After a few months, I learned a lot about latex, and I really liked it!

I am increasingly making orders at various online latex stores. Most of the things I bought were made to measure, as I am quite tall and do not have a standard size. Meanwhile, my latex wardrobe has grown a lot! I’ve already spent a lot of money on him, but he still fascinates me.

I can say that I really have a passion and a fetish for latex. It turned into an addiction! I love the feeling of latex on my body. It feels like a second skin. I also like the smell of latex.

I like to wear beautiful dresses and accessories, but I feel best in a hooded suit so that my body is completely covered with latex. I love hoods because they have a powerful transformative quality that exudes mystery and sensuality.

I also got an education as a makeup artist, so I can do my own makeup and styling, which is very convenient for photo shoots.
I hope to share more rubber photos (and videos) with you in the future.

Rubber Kisses Miss Fetilicious

[FetiliciousFans] SiteRip Б─╒ Pics Б─╒ Pt.2.part01.rar
[FetiliciousFans] SiteRip Б─╒ Pics Б─╒ Pt.2.part02.rar
[FetiliciousFans] SiteRip Б─╒ Pics Б─╒ Pt.2.part03.rar
[FetiliciousFans] SiteRip Б─╒ Pics Б─╒ Pt.2.part04.rar
[FetiliciousFans] SiteRip Б─╒ Pics Б─╒ Pt.2.part05.rar
[FetiliciousFans] SiteRip Б─╒ Pics Б─╒ Pt.2.part06.rar
[FetiliciousFans] SiteRip Б─╒ Pics Б─╒ Pt.2.part07.rar
[FetiliciousFans] SiteRip Б─╒ Pics Б─╒ Pt.2.part08.rar
[FetiliciousFans] SiteRip Б─╒ Pics Б─╒ Pt.2.part09.rar
[FetiliciousFans] SiteRip Б─╒ Pics Б─╒ Pt.2.part10.rar
[FetiliciousFans] SiteRip Б─╒ Pics Б─╒ Pt.2.part11.rar
[FetiliciousFans] SiteRip Б─╒ Pics Б─╒ Pt.2.part12.rar
[FetiliciousFans] SiteRip Б─╒ Pics Б─╒ Pt.2.part13.rar
[FetiliciousFans] SiteRip Б─╒ Pics Б─╒ Pt.2.part14.rar
[FetiliciousFans] SiteRip Б─╒ Pics Б─╒ Pt.2.part15.rar

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