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Number of photos: 5182 pcs. in 133 sets
Resolution: 471×904 to 800×928, mostly 904 on the long side

Ganre: Mature blonde nylon stocking glamour
Pictures in the style of light eroticism, almost without nudity. An elegant woman from Great Britain who knows how to show herself without breaking certain boundaries.
Destiny Angel about myself:
— «It is a great pleasure for me to show my long and perfect legs, especially in nylon stockings and high heels. It is even more pleasure for me that you look at them. There is nothing better than men’s looks at my legs in nylon and my skirt. or a dress as short as I can afford, so as not to violate decorum. So it is only natural that I created my site to show myself to a larger audience … «

Destiny Angel - SiteRip - Pictures - 2007 - 5182 pics.part1.rar500.0  MB
Destiny Angel - SiteRip - Pictures - 2007 - 5182 pics.part2.rar159.9  MB

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