dscn3874.jpg dscn3883.jpg dscn3905.jpg dscn3913.jpg dscn3915.jpg dscn3934.jpg dscn3955.jpg dscn3965.jpg dscn3168.jpg dscn3415.jpg dscn3425.jpg dscn3433.jpg dscn3434.jpg dscn3445.jpg ab1014.jpg ab1025.jpg ab1027.jpg ab1035.jpg p1220884.jpg p1220885.jpg p1220891.jpg dsc_0594.jpg dsc_0628.jpg dsc_0665.jpg dsc_0667.jpg dsc_0686.jpg dsc_0730.jpg dsc_0770.jpg dsc_0779.jpg dsc_0781.jpg

Spandex fetish & Shiny Pantyhose Girls
Number of photos: 24,447 pics / 263 sets
Resolution: 400×300…2734×1816
A large collection of photos of girls in shiny tights and spandex.
Full site package until 4/1/2011

We are a leading fetish website that has been around since the early days of this particular fetish. We cater to Pantyhose and Spandex images and movies for subscription members. We film the girls ourselves in an amateur style.

BodySheen. - pics.part01.rar
BodySheen. - pics.part02.rar
BodySheen. - pics.part03.rar
BodySheen. - pics.part04.rar
BodySheen. - pics.part05.rar
BodySheen. - pics.part06.rar
BodySheen. - pics.part07.rar
BodySheen. - pics.part08.rar
BodySheen. - pics.part09.rar
BodySheen. - pics.part10.rar
BodySheen. - pics.part11.rar
BodySheen. - pics.part12.rar

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